Hotel City Hack 10,000,000 Coins 4 4 2010 HQ


Uploaded on September 11, 2010 by PatricaDillard

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you have to level up for this hack to work!!!
when the envelope shows up do not skip or share!!!

1)open hotel city and make sure your shift
is over!!
**this is very important!
2)Now open cheat engine
3)choose your browser
4)scan your money
5)you should get around 2-4 addresses
6)double click them all
7)change the value of all of them by
adding two zeroes to the end (00)
8)now close the envelope
9) go and save your game
10)when you come back the money will be there!!


1)Open Cheat Engine and select browser
in process list.
2)Tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
3)Scan "544A89C803544A8B"
4)1 address returned. Disassemble
5)Right click selected line and
Toggle Breakpoint
6) click skip on the envelope
7)the game freezes when you make money
8)Change the EAX value on the top right
to '9FFFF' (or less if you are close
to level 52. Remember to stop when you
are very near level 52 or the game will
go to error)
9)Click Debug then Toggle Breakpoint
10) Debug then run
11)You will notice that you have leveled up
in Hotel City. Do NOT click share/skip yet.
once satisfied with your level, exit cheat
engine and click Skip on the envelope and
enjoy the game. The game can be saved.

The original Garden City Hotel first started construction in the fall of 1873 and was opened to great fanfare on July 30, 1874. It was built by millionaire Alexander Turney Stewart and cost $150,000 to build.[2] The original hotel was later redesigned and expanded.[3]

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