Cinema Zone-Live Free Or Die Hard(2007) 2/3

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Part Two Of My Review Of Live Free Or Die Hard(2007) aka. Die Hard 4.0 Starring Bruce Willis, Yorgo Constan...
Part Two Of My Review Of Live Free Or Die Hard(2007) aka. Die Hard 4.0 Starring Bruce Willis, Yorgo Constantine, Timothy Olyphant, Kevin Smith, Jonathan Sadowski, Cliff Curtis, Maggie Q, Andrew Friedman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, And Justin Long. Directed By Len Wiseman. # When introduced to an agent Johnson, McClane says: "Johnson, again?", a nod to the two agents Johnson in Die Hard (1988), despite the fact that McClane and the two agents Johnson never spoke or met face to face. # In the beginning of the film, John McClane and Lucy have an argument that eventually leads to them discussing her use of her mother's last name, "Gennaro." A similar argument takes place in Die Hard (1988), when McClane is searching for the location of his wife, Holly, in the Nakatomi building. He does not find her under "McClane," but does find her under her maiden name "Gennaro." # The Terminator action figure in Matt's apartment is a nod to executive producer William Wisher Jr. and composer Marco Beltrami. Wisher co-wrote and appeared in The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991), and Beltrami composed the score for Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003). # The first film in the Die Hard series not to be shot in the anamorphic Panavision process. This film was shot in Super 35 to save money with visual effects. # When McClane is driving in Jersey and talking to the chief captain of Camden, the guy's name is Wiseman, same name as the director, Len Wiseman, although pronounced 'Wheezeman', as this was how most crew-members thought his name should be pronounced. The voice is that of the director himself. # The screen to the far left of all of Warlock's hacking screens has the auction website eBay open with a Boba Fett action figure being watched. # In addition to the 'Agent Johnson' reference, several other elements from the first film are revisited as series trademarks. Among them are: crawling on broken glass, use of air-ducts, elevator shafts, and maintenance areas in corporate buildings, a henchman falling down stairs, an inquiry on the E.T.A. of a helicopter, and McClane's "Yippie Ki Yay' catchphrase. # When Gabriel is talking to McClane over the phone and pulling up his information on the computer, Bonnie Bedelia makes a cameo appearance in the form of her character Holly McClane's driver's license photo. The photo appears as though it may be either a publicity shot from a prior "Die Hard" film or a still photo (i.e. family portrait) from one of the movies. # All the IP-addresses shown in the movie are legal ones. However, most start with either 10, 172.16 or 192.168. Those numbers are reserved for local traffic only. Matt transfers the data with scp to, which is owned by a Japanese company. # On the traffic monitoring screens showing the created traffic jam ups, some reused footage (armored car turning) from the The Italian Job (2003) can be seen. # The video game Gears of War (2006) (VG) for the Xbox 360 is featured twice in the film: on televisions in the first hacker's apartment and in the Warlock's basement. # The name "Tovarek", which Mai Lihn uses as an FBI agent, is a Polish word and one of its meanings is "hot chick" (the correct Polish word is "towarek", but it's pronounced like this). # The car that is stolen in the film by McClane and Farrell is a 2006 E60 BMW 5 series, which was chosen due to a poll that found that people wanted films that had more BMWs in it. The main reason given was that the alternatives (Audis and Mercedes-Benzes) were too common and not bold and imposing enough to go with the characters in the film. The particular BMW model (5 series) was chosen because the director, Len Wiseman, found "the 3 series too common, the 7 series too uptight and every other car either too feminine or compensating for a midlife crisis... Everything McClane isn't, yet".