Coffee with Phil 09 15 2010 [HD]


Uploaded on September 16, 2010 by cfallsprod

Here’s the first update. It’s a few hours late due to the differences in editing on an older laptop vs a newer desktop. For those of you who are curious, Pinnacle Studio HD can handle HD files but with reservations. On my older single-core PC laptop editing is a guessing game since the hardware can’t display video to keep up with the audio. Surely it’s much better on a newer machine but you’ll need a very strong graphics card.

Please spread the word on Live or Die so we can put up a strong foundation. The first major goal is to hit the 25% funding mark—$2,000 since most campaigns that reach 25% go on to finish successfully—but let’s start with a first goal of $500.

Thank you to the first contributors. Bread for Dough starts Friday!

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