Don't Trust A Rogue (WoW Music Video)

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World of Warcraft parody of the song Don't Trust Me by 3Oh!3 (*******www.3oh3music**** - go check em out!)....
World of Warcraft parody of the song Don't Trust Me by 3Oh!3 (*******www.3oh3music**** - go check em out!). - click 'more info' for lyrics - Had heaps of fun making this! Enjoy! ;-) Music vid by Candidá & Theandrin - Vocals by Theandrin (who's not really a female belf after all ZOMG!!) Props to Bulltastic - who knew the big fella could sing like that?? Thanks to all our guildies who helped us out from Rise of the Dawn (Khaz'Goroth) *******www.riseofthedawn**** For everyone that has been asking for an MP3, here's the iPod love: *******www.staticfarm****/quag2000/dont_trust_a_rogue-youtube_quag2000.mp3 ---- Lyrics ---- Black dress with a knife underneath She's got the breath of her last fish feast on her teeth And she's got pride (pride) and she's got greed She spends all her free time hanging out in BGs P-P-P Poison - instant or deadly While you're still busy casting - she's already won T-Tauren boyfriend because you know she likes beef Look out she wants to group again, bet she'll need a rez again [ - Chorus -] She wants to sap you woh-oh she wants to stab you woh-oh she'll never heal you woh-oh woh-oh oh oh Don't trust a rogue never trust a rogue don't trust a rogue don't trust me Running Naxxs, yeah she used to a lot Now she doesn't need the loot 'cos Widow's Fury just dropped And that lockbox that you want her to pick Don't even go there if you're not gonna tip V-V-V Vanish, no one know's where she's at. Before you turn around you'll feel her knife in your back And the best is (best is) She's got the tricks of the trade Fan of Knives - Adrenalin rush - yeah she's got you made [ - Chorus - ] [ - Zaraeus' breakdown -] Shush girl - shut your lips Open up my lockbox and don't ask for no tips [ - Chorus - ]