Rusko - Woo Boost (None Like Joshua Remix)


Uploaded on September 21, 2010 by nonelikejoshua

A vocal remix to Rusko "Woo Boost." We've all met this guy.

Cause I got a
woo boost
Walking with my new shoes.
Confident and pompous never talking to the
Losers. Call me a doucher
Wearing aviators, you’re a player hater.
Saying see you later, cause I got a
woo boost
Not what you’re used to.
Confident and pompous cause you know that I am
cooler. Call me a doucher
with my collar popped up, thinking that I’m hot stuff.
Yelling at the girls cause you know I got a.
woo boost
Keep going even when they say stop
Wearing tank tops like it was my day job
- that’s what they say when I’m rolling with my bros and my
nose in the air and I know you could care
Less. Yes, I’m an asshole, that’s old news. But the fact of the
Matter is, I’ll show you - I can be a tool with my cocky attitude
So Let me introduce you to the

Look at me, look at me
Grabbing girls’ attention.
With my stupid words and my douchebag antics.
Yeah you know you love it, you don’t have to walk away.
I’ll just find another girl, insecure’s my middle name
And my hair is a nightmare with the spikes
and the glare that will blind you and scare you away
then I get drunk and I make an ass
of myself, publicly, never ask for your help
Before I go out, I always plan to start a fight
Wait for the guy to accidentally walk by
Project my feelings of insecurity
And possible underlying homosexuality.
I don’t give a shit about
What all the critics say
Work out in the gym
Hit the showers, it’s a little gay
But hey, I’m a creeper
I think that you knew
That from all the research
Now I got a
Supped up
Drinking protein
Like a dope fiend.
So mean, with the way I act
You don’t know me
Too rude
Here, take my card
With a picture of me half-naked
No I’m not into dudes

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