How to Plan Babys Gender? Boy or Girl - Boy or Girl Predictor


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Prince or Princess ? Choosing Your Baby's Gender Before Conception.

Here are Some of the Things you Will Find in the Prince or Princess Guide:

Why 87% of future parents are using the wrong methods to have children and how to avoid making the same mistakes!

How conception works and an understanding of the factors affecting conception 0f a baby boy or baby girl.

The theory behind "X" and "Y" chromosome sperm and how you can control which sperm to fertilize the egg.

Dietary program you can adopt which will significantly boost your chances of conceiving the baby of boy or baby girl specifically.

Information on your fertility cycle and how to increase your fertility.

How to calculate your ovulation date and use this knowledge to determine the gender of your baby.

Why is a woman's vagina pH levels important and how it affects male sperms?

Learn about different sexual positions and how each position helps in determining the gender of the baby.

How timing of your intercourse at specific times of your fertility cycle can swing the odds of conceiving a boy or a girl specifically.

A woman should aim to achieve orgasm if trying to conceive a baby boy. Why is this, find out here!

And much more...

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