FREE 10th Prestige All Unlock Challenge Lobby September(Daily...


Uploaded on September 25, 2010 by AlishaRoss1

I am hosting a lobby every night so read all the info below on how to get a invite.

STEP 1) Click 'Like' above! (Thumbs up the video)

STEP 2) Download the TXT file here which contains my email address (My updated new one)
(You do have to complete an offer to gain access to my email. This must be completed. No exceptions. The offer is free - but I am credited for it. This is what keeps this free)

STEP 3) Email me your gamertag. My email is found in the TXT file which you downloaded in step 2. (DON'T post it below. I will ignore it. I only check my email for people to invite.)

STEP 4) Once you have completed the 3 steps above, just message me ,and the first 5 letters/numbers of your email you sent it from. (This is so I can find it easier in my email box)

STEP 5) Relax and wait for your game invitation .

Once again I will be hosting these lobbies everyday at 6 PM EST until the end of July. This is 100% legitimate, and I hope to see you in one

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