Online Sex Therapy

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Hello. My name is Richard and I'm the Chief Technology Officer for The Good Sex Network, an international o...
Hello. My name is Richard and I'm the Chief Technology Officer for The Good Sex Network, an international online sex counselling service. I'd like to explain our reason for being... Today on the Internet, you can find dozens and dozens of so-called "sex therapists" but the vast majority of them are not medically-trained specialists in sexology. In other words, they are not psychiatrists. One must exercise caution when looking for a sex therapist or sex counsellor on the web. Just about anyone can hang a shingle calling himself a sex therapist after taking a few courses or a certificate program in sex education. Some of these people may even have a Master's or Ph.D. degree in some unrelated field, thereby giving themselves an aura of respectability. Beware of their credentials -- it is not difficult to acquire a long list of letters after their name. You will only receive the most trusted counselling from a psychiatrist or medically-certified sexologist. Dr. Frank Sommers is a world-leading sex therapist and psychiatrist with over 30 years' experience in sexology. Recently, he was honoured as a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. As he is Medical Director of The Good Sex Network, you will benefit directly from his skill and knowledge. You could not be in better hands. [*******goodsexnetwork****/about.html] It is also important to understand that most therapists on the Internet provide their service locally, not far from their geographic office. They are not equipped to provide therapy in other countries. Their web presence is solely for the purpose of advertising. The Good Sex Network, on the other hand, is an international online service. This is possible through the application of video therapy, which only requires that you have access to high speed Internet. For more information on video therapy, visit the URL at the bottom of the screen. [*******video-sex-therapy.blogspot****/] You can also find us on Facebook. Just search for "good sex network" at Facebook. Here is our homepage. [*******goodsexnetwork****/] Thank you for listening.