Cast of "Horror Convention Line" [HD]


Uploaded on October 06, 2010 by cfallsprod

No doubt you’re going to start having recurring dreams about being chased by a giant butter knife. At least now you’ll know where it comes from.

The cast of Horror Convention Line, left to right in the video is:
Aaron Williams as Victim
Jessica Pissini, as Toast’s Girlfriend
Mike Pfaff, as Toast
David “Dax” Bauer, as Steve (aka Zombie with Hand Sandwich)
Hayley Briggs as Nikki (aka Space Pilot)
Director Jacqui Siler at right.

You can’t help but have a great shoot with a fun script like this and we definitely did. We’d love to be able to do more episodes like this so please pledge a few dollars!

Stay tuned for behind the scenes footage in the coming updates.

Thanks all.

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