Hotel City Fast Level Up Fast Money Cheat Hack


Uploaded on October 08, 2010 by BoydCaryGentry9535

Download link here:
1)Open Cheat Engine and select browser
in process list.
2)Tick hex, 8bytes, also read scan-memory
3)Scan "544A89C803544A8B"
4)1 address returned. Right Click Disassemble(click on it)
5)Right click selected line and click
Toggle Breakpoint
6) click skip on the envelope
7)the game freezes when you make money
8)Change the EAX value on the top right
to '9FFFF' (or less if you are close
to level 52. Remember to stop when you
are very near level 52 or the game will
go to error)
9)Click Debug then Toggle Breakpoint
10) (top)Debug then run
11)You will notice that you have leveled up
in Hotel City. Do NOT click share/skip yet.

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