10th Prestige Lobby for Free.. Hurry Act Fast Hack October 2...


Uploaded on October 09, 2010 by EloiseHaynes9770

Download link: http://smartfilehost.com/JassaDudlay5555/Hurry
Hey its me stabile2100, remeber this is roadkiller967 video not mine. I made this video today to announce that roadkiller will be hosting free 10th Perstige Lobbies everyday this monthThat is a whole 30 Days for free lobbies. If you want to get in the lobbies, you can subscribe to my youtube channel and join my website. Here is the url securehacks.com Once you join my site you can stay updated with the lobbies I will be hosting every day. You can also post forums and ideas for the lobbies were going to have.

Subscribe and register at securehacks.com for a FREE invite to modded XP lobbies in MW2.

It is free to get into one, anyone can get in as long as you join the site. But if you want to be reserve a spot for the lobby and be the first one in there and make sure you don't miss out, you can always donate $25 with ur gamertag to my paypal. Make sure you send it as a gift. Even though about everyone gets in to a game as long as your online at the time of the lobby. When you join I will send an email to all accounts that join showing the time of the lobby an hour before so you don't miss out on a great deal. So come on down and register :)

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