Mike Shoen is a Ron Paul Conservative District 3 Arizona

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*******www.MikeShoenForCongress**** Mike Shoen for Congress. Mike Shoen is a former prosecutor and trial ...
*******www.MikeShoenForCongress**** Mike Shoen for Congress. Mike Shoen is a former prosecutor and trial attorney who is running for congress for Arizona District 3. Mike is a true Ron Paul Republican / Libertarian. Ron Paul has been elected to congress for 11 terms Ron Paul has Never Voted for a Tax increase! Ron Paul has Voted NO to the Welfare / Warfare State! Ron Paul has said NO, I am not going to finance you! And Ron Paul is HONEST! The Founding fathers LIMITED the federal government with the constitution! Only Congress can declare war! Congress has the power to regulate the money, not the Federal Reserve. Wealth is NOT created by the government! Wealth is created by individuals who add value to things that others want to buy! This is called Free Enterprise! The government is NOT a source of wealth unless, it first steals it from someone who created it! No New TAXES FIRST CUT EXPENSES then CUT TAXES We MUST invest in new manufacturing! Government regulation has pushed manufacturing out of our country! Voting Democrat and Republicans has brought us exactly where we are now. Doing what we have been doing assures getting EXACTLY what we have right now! This is the world the Republicans and Democrats have brought us. *******PhoenixBizTV**** All candidates are welcome to use he facility at FreedomsPhoenix to communicate with the voters. *******FreedomsPhoenix****