Mike Shoen Decreasing the Power of Government Election

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*******MikeShoenForCongress**** Mike Shoen for Congress. Mike Shoen is a former prosecutor and trial atto...
*******MikeShoenForCongress**** Mike Shoen for Congress. Mike Shoen is a former prosecutor and trial attorney who is running for congress for Arizona District 3. Mike is a true Ron Paul Conservative / Republican / Libertarian. Comment Subscribe and Vote for me, Thank you! Mike.Decreasing the power of the federal government. Organizations naturally get want to get bigger and stronger. This is known as Biological Imperative. The Government wants to get bigger and bigger like cancer!*******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Biological_imperativeThe Government is going to find an excuse to increase their power.This will Decrease our power!You have to say NO to the federal Government!Get Freedom back to individuals like you and I!The opponent is Ben QuayleBen Quayle is not going reduce spending for the military industrial complex. Ben Quayle is unspecific on where he is going to get the money from!The power of the federal government is closely linked up with the power of corporations. Gigantic financial interests have lobbing to have control of the federal government.The financial interests conspire or join forces with the people in power in the federal government, because they need a lot of money to get elected.As your congressman, I would knock on Ron Paul's door and ask him "what are you doing?", I would educate my constituents.Acquiring wealth through coercion is NOT sustainable! As YOUR congressman, I will continue to educate the voters, fellow congresspeople and Like Ron Paul continue to say and Vote NO, NO, NO to the gigantic freight train running at high speed known as the Military Industrial Governmental complex.*******www. MikeShoenForCongress****Vote for Mike Shoen Libertarian for district 3 Arizona*******www.FreedomsPhoenix**** invites all candidates to use our studio.Produced by *******www.PhoenixBizTV****