Kanberra Gel (Tea Tree Oil) Removes Smells, Odor, Fungus, Mold [HD]


Uploaded on October 09, 2010 by propertyinphoenix

Use of Kanberra Gel in your cleaning schedule reduces the need for traditional chemical products and prevents waste from mold damage. Because Kanberra Gel eliminates odors by acting at the molecular level instead of masking odors like most other odor treatment products, Kanberra Gel helps to keep the home clean as well as smelling clean. Kanberra Gel uses a unique combination of powerful pharmaceutical grade and lemon scented grade Tea Tree oil. This oil is natural, biodegradable, water based, and uses renewable resources. One place that people often experience mold issues is in the bathroom, because of the high humidity. When placed in the bathroom, Kanberra Gel can help prevent mold and mildew while also working to eliminate the odors from the air. This can mean less frequent use of chemical cleaners and fewer loads of wash since Kanberra Gel will fight the odor and mold on bath towels.

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