AC130k - Waterworks Multiplayer Demo (StarCraft 2)


Uploaded on October 13, 2010 by suereel8

AC130k - Waterworks Multiplayer Demo (StarCraft 2)

One of the multiplayer maps of my AC130K project turned freelance here this weekend. I had a chance to play this with 4 friends online and it was such as blast. So i decided to make it a project for it self.

This map is call waterworks. Its a first person multiplayer shooter.

None of my friends was online at the time of the recording so i had to place some dummies in just to give you an idea of how it works.

The third person view is also not available ingame, but this is just to show how it will look like for other players when you run around.

I have scrapped all the weapons from my previous demo (due to copyright reasons vs and will make my own some time.

I have added sight adjustment, so the camera will focus on what you are looking at

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