The SEO HITman™ (HIT - High Impact Tactics)


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If you're looking to monetize a web site of any kind then you probably already know about the benefits of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. The problem is that Google continually updates their SEO algorithms (i.e. Universal, Caffeine, and Instant Search). The difference between these new Search algorithms and Google's older ones is enormous!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2.0 or Google Universal Search SEO, includes virtually everything related to a search or query, including: Videos, Images, Advertising, Product Placement, News, Detailed Sitelinks, Maps and more. There is no real limit to the results a search engine such as Google can produce but the fact is that modern search engines no longer work on the old metrics. These days shoehorning keywords into meta tags and page titles in order to achieve ridiculously high keyword density (spamming) will actually hurt the search profile of a web site substantially.

Don't waste valuable time trying to Search Engine Optimize your web pates just with spammed/crammed meta tag keyword density in an attempt to reach the tops of the Google search charts. Those ideas are yesterday's SEO news and they have been done to death (i.e. manipulated) by millions of people!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 2.0 or Google Universal Search SEO, has changed the way online prowess must be achieved. Now, companies and website developers must utilize a diverse multimedia approach, focusing not only on content with keyword rich copy, but also optimizing all of their digital media, thus showing they are the best "fit" for Google's blended results pages.

Failing to get with the new order of things online basically ensures that your internet business presence will become extinct, no matter how many backlinks you create. Start a Universal Search SEO campaign, with SEO advice and tips from a Search Engine Optimization 2.0 Expert and/or Company, as soon as possible.

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