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Mike Shoen for Congress in a primarily republican district vs. Ben Quayle. Mike Shoen challenges Ben Quayle to view 9/11 DVDs and will pay him $2400 to do so. Mike Shoen is a former prosecutor and trial attorney who is running for congress for Arizona District 3 2010 election. Mike is a true Ron Paul Conservative / Republican / Libertarian. Comment Subscribe and Vote for me, Thank you! Mike.

Mike Shoen is an attorney and former prosecutor listed on http://www.lawyersfor911truth.blogspot.com/ who contests the official story presented by the government. The government's story is that planes flying into the world trade center and the ensuing fire weakened the buildings structure and caused the buildings to implode. The story is patently false because the World Trade Center buildings #1 and #2 came down at near the rate of freefall. And Building 7 came down at the rate of Free Fall when it was hit by neither plane nor debris.
Mike's 9/11 challenge is listed here http://mikeshoenforcongress.com/nonsense.html

At this time 10/15/10 there are 1341 Accredited Architects and Engineers questioning the official story as well. The 3 towers that came down on 9/11 did not go down as a result of the impacts and the resultant fires, They went down primarily as a result of EXPLOSIVE DEMOLITIONS! With a fair case tried I could win it!

I started offering financial rewards to review the evidence of the 3 towers on 9/11. I make the offer on http://mikeshoenforcongress.com/nonsense.html I had full page ads on the Arizona State University newspaper, the State Press and 2 symposiums on 9/11 there at ASU.

Any Class at ASU I will give you $10,000, or reviewing 5 hours of DVD evidence, then signing affidavit saying you looked at it and I conclude that the towers came down not how Mike Shoen says they did with Explosive Demolitions.
I have sent out signed checks for $41,000, to 41 individuals over the past 2 1/2 years. Some sent the checks back, some sent the DVD's back.

I am an associate member of an organization of over 1300 Architects and Engineers who question the government's story http://www.AE911Truth.org
I am so confident I will pay you money. I will write you a check RIGHT NOW!
Here is the Challenge to John Hulburd, Ben Quayle and his Dad Dan Quayle: Mostly this is for Ben Qualye who said he DOES NOT want to bring the masterminds to justice!

I will GIVE you each $2400 which is the maximum I can give as a political donation to your campaign, for SIMPLY watching 10 hours of DVD evidence about the collapse of the 3 towers on 9/11. Take the affidavit say you are wrong Mike Shoen, and I am cashing your Check! $240 per hour to watch the movies!

Ben Quayle it would be a good Education for you and you might get on my side. Ben Qualye who said twice he DOES NOT want
to bring the masterminds of 9/11 to justice!

Vote for Mike Shoen Libertarian for district 3 Arizona
Comment, Subscribe and Vote for me, Thank you! Mike.
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