Pt. 6.1 of Ron Oberon Talking About Our Universe’s Past & Future


Uploaded on October 19, 2010 by ronsgiftofhealing

Part 6.1 of Ron Oberon, co-author “Our Earth and Beyond” and “Many Planes Above,” discussing the content of books that were written through his sister, Jan Rosamond Adler, by the process of automatic writing from masters of history like Aristotle, Michelangelo, Mary Todd Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt and many others. During this portion of eight hours of video which can be seen here and at, Ron Oberon talks about Water, Children, Fate of Earth, the 2012 Mayan Calendar, Lesson, Love, Drugs and Past Lives. The creation of these two books, “Our Earth And Beyond: A Message from the Universe to 21st Century Earth, Book I” and “Many Planes Above: A Connection to the Universe and Universal Knowledge, Book II” is almost as fascinating as the mind-shattering content brought forth by Jan Adler and Ron Oberon. For more information about Ron Oberon and his books and teachings go to

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