Exit Catcher Pro the Best Exit Pop Up in the Market


Uploaded on October 20, 2010 by freemoneytools


Exit Catcher Pro is the best exit pop up in the market

Internet Fact: on average, 98% of the people visiting any certain website leave without taking any action, either placing an order or subscribing into an opting form. That means that the great majority of the traffic goes to waste!

But how about if there was a way to display a last minute offer, triggered as your visitors are about to leave your site, in order to entice them to perform an action before they leave?

Well, now there's a way: The Exit Catcher Pro, an unblockable exit pop up that triggers are your visitors click on the "back button" of their internet browser or as they close it out altogether, unlocking a hidden offer of your choice giving them a second chance to stay on your site, effectively turning those lost visitors into customers or subscribers!

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