5th Airborne Sidewinder Arm Assembly Review


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Today we are going to show you part number 5AS02 from 5th Airborne. This is the 5th Airborne Sidewinder Arm Assembly. And what this part does is basically it replaces the pin box on your fifth-wheel trailer and actually pushes the pivot point back away from the truck, which allows a short-bed pickup to pull a fifth-wheel trailer without the need of a slider assembly. And this can also be used on pickup trucks with less than a 6-foot bed, also.

The first component is the Sidewinder arm itself, from here to here. This will actually shove the pivot point from the pin box back toward where the original pin box was on the trailer. This is the actual pivot point right here. And this is where our second component, called a turret, gets bolted onto a trailer itself, and it rotates here. The next component we will show you is actually right here, and that is the heavy-duty shock. And that absorbs road bumps and vibrations, so it will give your trailer a nice, smooth ride. And next, if you follow the air line, on the right-hand side, follow it all the way back until it turns red. And then, as it goes behind a steel plate there, is actually the air bag itself, which cushions the ride, and thus gives its name, the 5th Airborne.

And this pivot point right here is where the whole operation hinges on. What happens is that this plate here with the king pin is separate from the rest of it, and it pivots right here to give you a smooth ride. It is all connected to the air bag and heavy-duty shock absorber that you saw earlier. Now let us go ahead and put some air into it and give you a better idea of how it moves up and down. We will go ahead and supply some air to it. And the air fitting is on the back of the unit on the right-hand side. Let us undo this cap. And let us use a small compressor. And we will inflate it, and you can see how the pivot point works and it carries the load. The next component we are going to show you is the wedge itself. This wedge is this component right here, which is next to the king pin. What happens is that this wedge actually makes a solid connection to your fifth wheel so it cannot move, because all the turning action happens further back underneath the pin box of the trailer itself.

Now we will go to the back section here, where it connects to your trailer. And here we have, installed, the turret itself. This turret is what actually replaces the pin box on your trailer and connects to the 5th Airborne right here. And basically what this does is it provides the pivot point that we took away from the front. And this pivot point allows it to pivot at this point right here. So this way, the trailer rotates farther back away from the cab and allows you to have room with a short-bed pickup so you do not have to have interference with the cab. And that covers it for part number 5AS02 from 5th Airborne. This is the 5th Airborne Sidewinder Arm Assembly.

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