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to http://www.DreamStyleVacationsUSA.com for additional Dream Style Vacations Club resources, training and information.

Dream Style Vacation Club members get real savings on real vacations every day.

Beware, there are travel scams and so called "travel clubs" out there that don't deliver half of what they promise. Here's video proof that DSVC delivers and many members say Dream Style Vacations over delivers what they promise.

While I know many Dream Style Vacations Club marketers are suffering because they partnered with someone who doesn't understand the DSVC product and business, you don't have to. Don't you think it would be a huge benefit to parner with the person who wrote the words your prospects are reading on the Dream Style websites and in the automatic email campaigns? What better person to help your prospects explain the information than the person who wrote those words.

What sets this partnership with me and Dream Style Vacation Club apart from anything you've ever seen before? I coordinated training for the largest and most successful group with a 15-year-old travel program and that group continued to grow with my leadership.

As a traveler, I've logged over one million miles just with U S Airways. I've also been a Hilton Diamond VIP member, an Avis First Preferred member, and an Alaska Airlines Gold member for years. I'm not just a guy that knows how to market travel, I know the industry inside and out. Your success with Dream Style Vacation Club will depend in many ways on who you choose to partner with.

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