Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe


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Today on this 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe, we are going to install part number 118415 from Tow Ready. This T1 connector will actually install behind the tail lights, so everything will be stored inside when we are done. So that means we have to get inside the vehicle and take apart some panels, so we can install the wiring. Let us open our lid here, that can stay and this trim has to come off also. We are going to take off the threshold by the latch. And we also have to loosen both panels on the side of the vehicle behind the tail lights. :49

So what we are going to do is pull our harness from the bottom up. To make that a little bit easier. Actually there is a lot of room underneath here, so what we are actually going to do is use this piece of wire here and just pull it from the bottom towards the top. Disconnect, next, we are going to disconnect our tail light harness, and we are going to plug it into the T connector. Put it back in and then we will take our ground wire and there is some sheet metal right here it has two layers on it. Next what we are going to do is mount our converter box it has got this double sided tape. There is a nice flat spot underneath the plastic here. 1:43

Then we will run our wire with the green and red. The green is the right turn, red is for the stop light and we are just simply going to run it all the way across and do the same thing over again. And we are going to leave the cable just sit underneath the carpet here, it will be perfectly protected that way. Again, the same thing we will go ahead and disconnect our wire harness, push that little button in, it pops out. Tuck our wire back out of our way. And we will go ahead and put our lid back into place. Our cable is just going to lay underneath the carpet we will go ahead and tuck it underneath the carpet. We will pull our 4 pole wire out just to keep it out of the way while we put our tray back into place and the harness will actually stay in the tray when we are done. Go ahead and put our tray back into place. 2:39

We have got our interior put back together and you can see we have got our 4 pole hanging out here. When we are not using it we will just go ahead and leave it inside the tray just like that. It is safe and out of the way. And when we do need to use it, you just pull it out. And what is going to happen is it is going to go out of the trunk lid right here, stay away from the latch, shut your door on it and just pull out what you need, because there is not much tension on it, down to your hitch. That way you have one less object hanging out below your vehicle and it will not be sitting out there getting corroded when you are not using it. And with that, that finishes our install of part number 118415 from Tow Ready.

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