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Bad study habits can have a detrimental effect on a student’s school year and getting off to a bad start is a recipe for disaster. That’s why Ashley Sembay of Oxford Learning recommends students kick those bad habits at the beginning of the school year.

For students who want to approach the new school year on a positive note, Sembay recommends identifying the “positive habits they had in previous years that contributed to their success in school,” as well as to recognize those bad habits that made school more challenging and difficult to succeed in.

In order to break those bad habits, Sembay suggests students figure out what things they struggled with then set goals that will help overcome those bad habits. “Write down different strategies, perhaps three or four, and try to follow those and check back with them. Make a plan and stick to it.”

At Oxford Learning centres students are coached by staff members and shown how easy it can be to break bad habits by establishing new goals at the beginning of the school year and following through with those to obtain success in school.

Oxford also has students use an agenda. By focusing on keeping track of what needs to be done and retracing the set goals each day, students will be better set to actually meet those goals.

At home, Sembay encourages parents to speak with their child, “establish what they want to achieve and discuss how you can work together to make sure that you stay on top of,” those goals. This type of support at home can certainly contribute to a more successful school year.

Written by: Christine Davis

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