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Uploaded on October 25, 2010 by FavonianExegesis

Here is a Photoshop CS5 Keygen. You are required to have the trial version of Photoshop before being able to use a code from this key generator. After you have installed the trial CS5, follow these steps:

Step 1: De-activate the Phone-Home activation option by:
To de-activate the phone-home option, follow the guide below:

Here is how to add the "" to the hosts.

Right click Windows Notepad and open it as admin.

Click "File" and then "Open" Now browse to " C: - Windows - System32 - Drivers - etc.
In the "etc" folder you choose the "hosts" file.

If you do not see the "hosts" file, then you have to choose "all files" in the drop down box in notepad.

When that is done and the hosts file is open, add the following line "" without the "".

Then just save and exit, and you are done editing the file.

Step 2: Generate a code from the Photoshop CS5 keygen and use it. Enjoy!

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