The Machine Trailer [HD]


Uploaded on October 27, 2010 by Timescape Ent

Eric Cornelius is having a bad day until he is approached by an old man claiming to be a time traveler. Skeptical and thinking that the old man is crazy, he is shocked when he is given a gift... and by what he discovers.

Starring Eren Yar, Danny Morris and Clarissa Thibeaux

Timescape Entertainment presents
in association with Gravitywell Productions

Directed by Michael C. Poole
Screenplay by Jason Lethert & Michael C. Poole
Story by Michael C. Poole

Produced by Jason Lethert & Phil Roberts
Executive Producers - Kylie Gard, Steve Nguyen, William Poole & Issy Tavarez
Associate Producers - Aaron Eickhorst, Joey Paul Gowdy, Melanie Leach & Joseph Pozo
Assistant Producer – Bart Cameron
Original music by William Poole
Director of Photography - Jason Lethert
Cinematographers Jack Foster Mancilla, Kirk Saber & Christina Shellhous
Editing by - Michael C. Poole
Dramaturge – Carla Campbell
Hair & Make up – Dina Bedenko, Carla Campbell & Darya Livshits
Sound – Renee Gruber, Sean Lee, Jack Foster Mancilla & Kirk Saber
Special Effects by Christian 'Hommer' Holmsgaard
Title sequence courtesy of Kurt Drubbel (
Visual Effects - Michael C. Poole
2nd Assistant Camera - Bart Cameron & Jebediah White
Assistant Camera - Marci Bretts
Gaffer - Marci Bretts & Jebediah White
Grip - Marci Bretts & Sean Lee
Wardrobe – Dina Bedenko
Set Photographers - Bart Cameron & Anjel Britt Nicholas

Shot on location in San Diego

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