Tales From The NHTSA: Moe Rodnick Does The Bus Boogie

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In this third episode of Tales From The National Highway Safety Administration, Moe Rodnick is back to ridi...
In this third episode of Tales From The National Highway Safety Administration, Moe Rodnick is back to riding public transit, as he treks the path of his daily life, all because his 2003 Honda Accord is back in the shop. While living life by a bus schedule is sometime difficult, the people Moe has met on his daily commute and the reliability and dependability of the bus, as opposed to his 2003Honda Accord, is reassuring. Hoping to “animate” some of the endless complaints about the 2003 Honda Accord, I have decided to bring to life these real complaints posted about this car on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s web-site: *******www.safercar.gov, in a new web series entitled “Tales From The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. “ For those of you who don’t already know, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has over 1200 complaints on file about the 2003 Honda Accord. Of the 1232 complaints (as of October 26, 2010) referred to this agency, 437 fall into the "power train: automatic transmission category." Information from the NHTSA web-site reveals that in the 2003 Honda Accord, catastrophic transmission failure occurs quickly and many times at highway speeds. The complaints from NHTSA are mostly similar to each other in that the vast majority of the failures happen suddenly at higher speeds and the car's occupant(s) are often unsafely jolted forward while coming to a near stop in the travel lanes. This is a serious safety issue. Coming to a near complete stop from 60 or 70 miles per hour, in some reported cases, has resulted in some injuries and will eventually result in someone's death. In April of 2004, Honda issued a recall on the automatic transmissions of Honda Accords, Odysseys, Pilots and Acura 3.2CL and 3.2TL models. According to Honda's own press release, "this condition may lead to gear breakage and possible locking of the vehicle's transmission, creating a potential safety hazard." The very same potential failures cited in the 2004 recall have become frequent for owners of these vehicles in the years subsequent to the recall and the resulting "transmission lockup", referred to in the recall, that "could result in a crash" has become a reality for many. Honda was supposed to fix the problem when it issued the 2004 recall, however, it appears the company tried to do the cheapest thing for its bottom line in an attempt to have these vehicles fail after the warranty had expired. By not fixing the problem they are putting lives at risk. Check back soon for more “Tales From The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.” NHTSA Complaints Featured In This Episode: #10361593, #10361471, # 10361897 and # 10361357 Need More Information About This Issue? NHTSA: *******www.safercar.gov E-Mail: recall03accordgmail**** Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Recall-2003-Honda-Accord/128740053827828 Twitter: *******twitter****/Recall03Accord Web: *******www.wix****/Recall03Accord/Recall-The-2003-Accord YouTube: *******www.youtube****/user/Recall03HondaAccord