Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2009 Ford Escape

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*******www.etrailer****/tv-wiring-install-2009-ford-escape.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer ...
*******www.etrailer****/tv-wiring-install-2009-ford-escape.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. Today on this 2009 Ford Escape, we are going to be installing wiring harness part number 118430. We are at the rear of the vehicle with the rear cargo door open. The connection points for our wiring harness are going to be located directly behind the tail light assemblies on both sides. So we are going to start by removing both tail light assemblies. We can do that by removing the two Phillips head screws on the inboard side. We are going to gently pry back the the tail light assembly until the two outboard clips release. And with the tail light removed you can see the main black plug here on the back. That is the part we are going to be hooking our harness into. We can go ahead and disconnect that for the time being. In fact I am going to just take the whole tail light assembly off just to set it aside just so it does not possibly scratch up your paint. And you can do that by just disconnecting both the black plug here and the white one. Starting over here on the driver side, I am going to go ahead and hook my harness into the vehicle side of the connector. And again the other end will go into the tail light assembly when we put that back on. The connector for the passenger side, which is the one with the green wire, as well as the 4- pole harness, are all going to be ped through the opening in between the bumper and the body structure here. You can also see on the vehicle side of the modulite box here we have got this red wire. That is our hot lead that is going to need to be routed all the way up to the battery and hooked to the positive side. To do that we are going to connect the large bundle of black wire that is provided with our wiring kit, to the red wire. We will also feed it through the opening between the body and the bumper. And when using the butt connector which is provided with our installation kit we are going to merge the red and black wires. We can go ahead and wrap that in electrical tape. And we are going to take our modulite box which you can see has double sided tape here on the back side and we are going to adhere it to the body structure here down in the opening. And then lastly, here on the driver side, we want to go ahead and ground our ground wire. That would be the white wire with the ring terminal on it. We are going to take the self- tapping screw that is provided with the installation kit. Drill that into the metal surface here. Okay, now we can go ahead and put the driver- side tail- light assembly back on. Then we will go underneath the vehicle where we are going to route our wires across to the passenger side. You can see we have got a few spacious support pieces here that give us a nice opening where we can route our wire behind and that will keep it away from any pinch points or hot spots that we may run through. Okay then we can also do the same thing for the 4-pole itself. We are just going to route it to the middle here where we are going to tie it off at the trailer hitch. And I want to go up and make my connection to my passenger-side tail light. Then we will come back underneath and route our black wire up to the battery. All right now I am just going to go ahead and secure up the extra lose wires that I had from the 4- pole and the green wire before we go ahead and route the black wire to the battery. Okay now we are going to take and feed our black wire up to the battery. When routing a wire you want to make sure that you are avoiding any possible pinch points or hot spots that could damage the wire. Okay now we are up under the hood. We are now wired up here to the battery. We are going to go ahead and next take our fuse holder and connect it to our battery and then we will connect it to the black wire that we just routed. What you will do is just take and cut the wire in half. From there we are going to add the ring terminal which is going to connect to the battery. On the other end we are going to add a butt connector which will connect us to our black wire. Okay we are going to take the nut off the positive side of the battery here. And we will take the remaining black wire, cut it down to the appropriate length that we need and make our connection. We will again add a little bit of electrical tape to the connection. Finally we will add the fuse to the fuse holder. And this will conclude the installation of wiring harness part number 118430 on a 2009 Ford Escape.