Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Installation - 2006 Ford F-250

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*******www.etrailer****/tv-gooseneck-install-2006-ford-f250.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer...
*******www.etrailer****/tv-gooseneck-install-2006-ford-f250.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. Today we are going to install part numbers 9470 and 4430, a Hide-a-Goose gooseneck hitch, on a 2006 Ford F-250. We will go ahead and lower the exhaust. Now, there is a mount in front of the axle that you reach in from underneath the bed to get to it. Take out two nuts, and you can lower the exhaust that way. And then we will go to the back of this whole assembly and pull it off to the side. The next thing we need to do is to remove the bracket from the vapor tube, which is this object right here - this is your vapor tube, and this is your wire harness. What is going to happen is we are going to take this bracket and we are going to put it sideways and remount it with the provided bracket that comes in the kit. It is bolted onto the side of the frame here, so we have got to take off that nut. You can pull it out. I am just going to rotate it just like this, install our bracket, and what this does is it provides room for the bracket that fits on the outside of the frame to install the gooseneck hitch. We will take our nut-and-bolt assembly from the outside in. Next what we are going to do is take down this shield here - again, to give us some more work room to install the hitch. All right, next we will start working on our cross rails. We will prepare them - run the nuts up and down the threads a few times to help clean them off, because the powder coat gets on the thread and sometimes jams up in there when you tighten it down. Then we will install our carriage bolts. Just put a nut on there for now, just to keep the bolts from falling out while we install the rails. Then what you want to do is move this one toward the rear and just get it out of the way for now. And we will do the same thing for the front rail. Next we will install our plates, and they line up with the two rivets on the side of the frame here and here. So that will properly position your plate and then your crossmembers right here will bolt up into those. On the drivers side frame, there are no rivets to go by, but there are a couple of existing holes in the frame - that one, and that one. And that will help properly place the bracket on the frame. Next we will put this block on the bracket here and run our bolt through, and then we will install our nut, our lock washer and nut on the other side. And that is all going to be left loose for now. The U-bolt is going to go behind the shock here for your bracket. It might be a good idea, too, to slip this U-bolt in between the wire harness and the vapor tube so it does not get smashed down. All right, next we will install our hardware on our U-bolts. All right, next we will go ahead and mark out the bed to drill our hole in the bed. And we will find the center of the bed. In this case, we have an 8-foot bed, so we are going to mark off to 48 inches. Then we are going to find the center of our bed. OK, I will take a punch and mark it out, then go ahead and check underneath the bed and make sure we have the right spot. All right, next we will go ahead and drill out a pilot hole, and we will go ahead and follow that up with the 3-1/2 inch hole saw to make room for the hitch head itself. OK, at this point we can go ahead and take off the nuts we have for our bolts. Go ahead and take those off, and we will slide our head assembly between these two rails here. Now, it is a good idea to have an extra set of hands inside the bed of the truck. We will put the ball in the head assembly and so they can grab it by the ball and help support it while you thread the bolts. Once you have the bolts snugged down, go ahead and torque the bolts as specified in the instructions. We will go ahead now and tighten down these two bolts here for the cross arms to the brackets that go into the frame. All right, next we will go ahead and tighten down these carriage bolts that went into the frame here. All right, next we will move on to the 1/2-inch U-bolt fasteners. All right, next we will install the handle that will go into the spring assembly right here that holds the pin over the hitch ball itself. All right, next what we are going to do is start installing the U-bolts. All right, what we are going to do is actually mark our holes with a 9/16 bit first, and then what we will do is go ahead and drill out from the bottom a 1/4-inch pilot hole and then come back from the top down with a larger 9/16 bit. Tap our U-bolts in, and one U-bolt is going to be longer than the other, so like on some models where the gas tank is in the way, you have a little bit of room for it. Now we will go back underneath and install our springs, washers and the nuts. And this is a lock nut so it will only go in like two threads and stop, and then you have to use a ratchet to go past it, and you will get about two or three threads past it and then you will be fine. All right, we are going to reinstall our exhaust now. And then right here we are going to put in some spacers right below it to help keep it away from the hitch. And then these two blocks are going to sit on it just like that - just these two 3/8 blocks. All right, on our rear bracket here, we are going to attach our fascia bracket, like so. Run our bolt through it. And let us go ahead and run that together and tighten it up. And then there will be two more pieces of hardware that come with the kit that will go through here and here, and that will line up with the factory holes. One of the last steps is to go ahead and put this exhaust shield back up. When your gooseneck is installed, give it a test. Go ahead and pull the handle out and pull it over to the side. Just pull the handle back out, move it back to center, and it snaps back into place. And with that, that finishes our install of part numbers 9470 and 4430, the Hide-a-Goose gooseneck hitch.