My MSR606

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YAHOO MESSENGER ICQ MESSENGER 645742329 Youtube link metacafe link hello every (1) ONE im a dump seller of different class and standards, in my 4 years of dealing with dumps i recognize a number of thing, just 1 invaild charachter in a dump can cause a dump not to work so i say to u isnt it better to have more than 1 to test.. out of 5 dumps+pin testing the approval rate is about 1.5%..sellers in these days are selling dumps too expensive 1 sellers wants to sell (1) one dump+pin for 200usd when you purchase that dump many of the time it isnt working, what will you do next and the seller wont refund, you will sit there subbing over your lost and cursing your self for making such a big mistake and saying to yourself i will never do it again. some people are only here trying dumps becuase they are in debit up to there necks just trying to get an escape route from there harsh life. ADD ME I SEE HOW I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! i got the cheapest dumps every in bulk prices I DONT SELL 1 DUMP+PIN ONLY 10 PLUS MORE SO DONT ASK FOR 1 DUMP+PIN TYPE/AMOUNT OF DUMP PRICES 10 DUMP+PIN 250USD 10 DUMP WITHOUT PIN 200USD 20 FULLZ USA AND UK 150USD 3 BANK LOGINS US ARE UK 200USD EQUIPMENT&HARDWARE 1 MSR606 AND 1 FREE DUMP+PIN 300USD SHIPPING FEE ALREADY INCLUDE TO USA ARE UK minimsr500 250usd 3 wincor skimmer avaliable 600usd 100 blank pvc plastic card 50usd 100 holigram and loged pvc plastic cards 100usd HACKING TOOLS & SOFTWARE WESTERN UNION BUG 200USD LIBERTY RESERVE HACK 150USD PAYPAL HACK 100USD BANK TRANSFERS 200USD AND ABOVE YAHOO MESSENGER ICQ MESSENGER 645742329 Youtube link metacafe link # YouTube username:mrbulkdump1