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Do you want to discover your true life's purpose?

More ease? Maybe even more money? I have one simple

answer, so simple you'll push it away thinking that

it could never work. Here it is:

Stop judging yourself. That's it. End of story.

Oh, you have questions? Of course, just like me.

When you stop judging yourself, you can listen to

inspiration. You can hear the voice of love, choice,

wisdom and true direction. Or you can listen to

self-judgment, a voice of attack, limits, smallness,

and a voice that always threatens some misfortune,

or just can't help but point to cobwebs in your

past. In the wisdom tradition of A Course in

Miracles, it says "Your divided devotion has given

you the two voices, and you must choose at which

altar you want to serve."

What does serving the voice of judgment get you? It'

s like inviting a bad houseguest into your living

space, one that is noisy, rude, throwing things

around and then complaining about the mess. I used

to think that self-judgment was somehow a tool for

staying sharp, getting ahead, not falling asleep at

the wheel. I can't tell you how much time I've

spent, deciding, that while I've never been this

age, or in this career, or on this exact leg of my

journey, I knew how it should go, what should not be

happening. I spent so much time lamenting my

circumstances, that I had no real time or energy to

actually investigate them. Self -judgment doesn't

keep you savvy. It keeps you ignorant and uninvolved

with reality.

Self-judgment blocks your sense of true direction.

You can't hear the bird song when the tuba takes

over. "Oh, you'll never get anywhere, this isn't

good. You'll never amount to anything. I can't

believe you're this age and you still haven't gotten

it together." But what if you were listening to a

voice of trust and love instead? One that said, "I

know you can do this. Take all the time you need. I

believe in you. I know you have more strength than

you can imagine. "

This is the best piece of advice I can ever give

you: Cultivate the voice of self- love inside you.

Listen to the angels of acceptance. Listen to your

Buddha Nature. Listen to the smallest golden leaf on

the aspen tree, your Aunt Sadie who bakes oatmeal

cookies, Jesus, that rascal of forgiveness, your

golden retriever. Listen to the exuberant river.

Listen to Allah or Moses come down from the mountain

with awe on his face. Listen to the poets Rumi or

Kabir, Blake or Whitman. They are all saying one

thing and one thing only: You are loved. You are

loved. You have everything inside you. This moment

will absolutely free you, if you free it from


Everyone struggles with self-judgment. Even one of

the most famous peace leaders of our time, Gandhi,

once said, "My most formidable opponent is a man

named Mohandas K. Gandhi. With him I seem to have

very little influence." But where does self-judgment

come from? Self judgment is often somebody's

inappropriate expectations or distorted opinion

pressed down upon your innocence. It's somebody's

lack of love for themselves, their own soul's

jaundice, poison, or ache that got foisted onto you.

You didn't know it was a misunderstanding. You

believed the lie. You believed you were broken or

doing it wrong. You believed what your soul could

never believe. So you stopped listening to your own

soul and allowed the lie to move in and buy

furniture, home décor, an education and a

lifestyle. Now it's time to listen to your soul. Now

it's time to let go of the cracked and blackened


But maybe, you think that if you stopped judging

yourself, you'd really slide down that hill. That's

also a lie. You will never grow into your greatest

capacity under the manacles of judgment. Carl

Rogers, the renowned Humanist psychologist, said

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