Download Rockband Iphone/Ipod Paid Songs Free 2011


Uploaded on November 06, 2010 by RustyJudy2724

download link:
1. Make sure you have rockband installed
If not you can download it from link

2. Download what songs you want from these links
(Password = frloacrke)
3. It is recommended you download all the free tracks now from the music store because
if you try going on it with download songs it will tell you it's invalid and
you will have to reboot your device to get it working again.

4. Open ssh into your device

5. Go to var/moblie/applications

6. Then you should see a bunch of folder's with random numbers and letters

7. Go through each one untill you find the one with

8. Go to the documents folder

9. Unzip the file(s) you downloaded and drag all the files (About 24 files in each song) to the documents folder

10. Open up rockband and play

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