EZDig Pro Excavator Guidance System


Uploaded on November 07, 2010 by Dewayne Rodriguez

http://www.NewEnglandLaser.com EZDigPro is truly a cutting edge kind of depth control. This is definitely the most flexible and also budget friendly excavator guidance device in the world. EZDig Professional will certainly help you to do your job a lot faster, more precisely as well as with less individuals on the work site. Set up is uncomplicated & absolutely no tools are necessary. <br /><br />For all types of excavators.<br />Easy change between different machines.<br />Revolutionary real time depth and grade control.<br /><br />EZDigPro helps you save time, cost as well as maximize machine and manpower.<br /><br />READY TO DIG IN THREE STEPS<br />1. Position the detectors<br />2. Calibrate the machine<br />3. Verify the calibration and GO !

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