Georgia Teen Stomped to Death at Party


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A house party gone haywire... 18-year old Bobby Tillman was beaten to death at a teen party Sunday morning. CNN reports Tillman was in the wrong place at the wrong time...

“One suspect reportedly boasted he’d beat the next person who walked in the door. It happened at a party in suburban Atlanta. Fifty-seven people. Fifty-seven stood by and did nothing.”

Tillman was pronounced dead at a local hospital due to blunt trauma to his head and chest.
...unfortunately, the bad press doesn’t stop there. Now controversy has sprung up over the actions of the police force. WSB-TV reports most of the around 60 people at the party were taken by bus to the police station...

CAROL SBARGE: “Some people in the community have been criticizing that move by the sheriff, but the family of the victim just told us they are extremely happy with how the sheriff has handled this investigation.”

...but WXIA lets the sheriff defend his decision.

SHERIFF: “If those people had been under arrest, charged with a crime and we were gonna interview them, then we would have notified their parents, but we’re trying to find out what happened. They were eyewitnesses to a murder.”

WGCL says the party was meant for a girl and about ten of her friends. No alcohol or drugs were at the party, and the girls were asking people to leave once it got much bigger than intended.

CHRISTOPHER KING: “Investigators say the owners of the home where the party took place will not face charges.”

Four teens have been arrested for the murder: Emanuel Boykins, Horace Coleman, Quantez Mallory and Tracen Franklin. They appeared in court Monday for a hearing - none of them spoke and the judge ordered them to find counsel. (WKYC)

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