London Protests Ignite Violence and Arrests


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What started as a peaceful demonstration in London against tuition hikes and cuts, turned violent in front of the Conservative Party’s headquarters in Millbank Tower. Because of the UK’s high debt, the government plans to let universities raise tuition, in some cases tripling the country’s current limit on how much a school can charge.

About 50,000 people came out from around the country to sound off about the tuition changes. It resulted in 50 arrests. Despite the chaos, a writer for the Manchester Evening News, says organizers of the demonstration “still believe their protest was successful.”

“‘I'm hopeful that people will remember that it was a successful march not because of the trouble but because of the turnout.’”

A writer from The Times of London doesn’t think protesters made any impact, except a negative one.

“They did not strike a blow for freedom, or for democracy, or for fairness. They just struck a blow. And shattered some glass. In the process they proved nothing, and persuaded nobody,”

A reporter from ABC News points out the differences in the education system in Europe compared to the United States.

“A low cost education here is considered a right. It wasn’t until the late ‘90s British university students paid anything at all. Today, Brits pay about $4,800 a year -- the U.S., the average cost of a state school around $7,600 bucks.”

RT raises the question to an activist about why American students are willing to shell out more money when it comes to college.

“Well, I think the point is that what’s held up to young students, particularly in high school, is that yes, college is a lot of money. Yes, you’re going to go into a huge debt load, but if you only go to high school or you don’t graduate from high school, there definitely won’t be any jobs."

Education wasn’t the only target of U.K. budget-slashers. Defense, health care, housing benefits and benefits for the unemployed are among other sectors that may see cuts to reduce the national debt.

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