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download file here: http://filesaveyes.com/JeniBumstead87/Fallout
Here are the basics:

•REALLY, REALLY pissed off Fallout fans.
•Action RPG
•Real-time combat with pause to queue targets (aka V.A.T.S.).
•No option for turn-based combat.
•It's a shooter, not a point-and-click game.
•First-person/third-person(over-the-shou­lder) viewpoints.
•The main character is a 19-year-old in search of his/her father.
•Your daddy's love is integral to the main plot. You won't be allowed to piss him off.
•OVER 9000 "ENDINGS"! (Not. They're just permutations.)
•Level cap is 20.
•Traits have been merged with perks.
•You pick one perk per level.
•Perks have no negative side effects.
•Apart from addiction, drugs have no side effects.
•Only 13 skills. (Compared to 18 in FO1&2)
•Main quest takes 20 hours.
•40 hours of total gameplay.
•Descriptive texts are out.
•Decisions in the game are either "good", "evil", or "neutral".
•All crimes/killing sprees will be forgiven after 24 hours.
•Dialogue trees have been compared to both Oblivion and Fallout 1.
•Dialogue decisions will not impact the ending.
•Intelligence no longer affects dialogue.
•No child killing. (Confirmed.)
•No groin or eye shots.
•Oblivion's 'Quest Compass' is back.
•Level scaling. (They say they've improved it.)
•Unlike Fallout, some areas will be "locked-off" until later in the game.
•Towns and Buildings are zoned like in Oblivion (load times between each, etc).
•Smaller than Oblivion.
•Less than half the NPCs of Oblivion.
•Fewer quests than Oblivion, but "with more in them". (The same was said of Oblivion's quests.)
•"Revamped" Radiant AI™ from Oblivion. ( http://edobo.notlong.com )
•Some NPCs are invincible, like in Oblivion.
•Weapons have decay, like in Obl--*sigh*
•Robotic pony?*
•There are clouds, but no rain or weather effects of any kind.
•GTA-style radio stations for music and news.
•The Enclave from FO2 has a station. (WTF?)
•Hookers heal you like in GTA? (Ripping off concepts is the new innovation.)
•Handheld nuclear catapults.(no joke)
•Drinking out of toilets.(again, no joke)
•A gun that shoots Teddy Bears. (http://i35.tinypic.com/xlynut.gif)
•Portable nuclear shelters.
•Broken nuclear cars that explode in a nuclear fireball when you shoot them.
•Flaming swords.
•Find 21 bobbleheads that increase your stats.
•No drivable vehicles.
•Mutants are the "main bad guy".(They kinda look like yellow-ish orcs now.)
•Some mutants wear plate armor.
•One mutants wears a shopping cart to carry dead bodies as snacks. (super-zombie)
•Ghouls and now..."feral ghouls" (zombies) in DC.
•Some ghouls have radiation powers?
•Deathclaws in DC.
•Brotherhood in DC.
•For an extra $50 the "Survival Edition" features a plastic Pip-boy clock. (If you buy this, you're stupid.)
•No construction set to make mods?
•There will be no demo.(*cough*TORRENT*cough*)
download file here: http://filesaveyes.com/JeniBumstead87/Fallout

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