Boise ID Real Estate


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Advice On Selecting a Boise Home! Types of Boise ID Home Builders Boise ID Production Builder- A builder in Boise ID who builds many of the same homes repeatedly Advantages- Cost savings. Because they produce many homes they normally have lower costs including the building lot costs and labor. They buy in bulk and therefore get a better deal. Disadvantages- You get what you get. Because they make money by streamlining processes, they don't work well with much customization. Boise ID Spec Home Builder- A builder who builds only a few homes a year to sell. Advantages- You will probably meet the builder. They are more open to making changes Disadvantages- Their cost savings is lower because they don't do the volume. but quality may be higher as they is more hands on. Boise ID Semi Custom- Taking existing floor plans and customizing them to your specifications Advantages- You will work one

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