Junker's '93 Katana 600 With A Motor Swap


Uploaded on November 19, 2010 by junker07

Whiplash was running fine except for the lack of a second gear. Years of misuse and grinding abuse took its toll on the shift forks and selector drum. Ripping apart the motor to get to the transmission was harder than just swapping the entire motor outright to a K2. Throw in a set of new tires, new chain, new sprockets, new tires, some black gloss paint to the lower fairing and a sick set of LED's on the mid-frame and you get something the devil would ride. The new engine is smoother but has valve issues at WOT and 100+ Mph speeds where it will just drop power and spew flames! Next video: GSXR-750 slingshot head swap onto a bored out 800cc block!

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