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Uploaded on November 20, 2010 by GloverHolly3893

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I decided to make a quick tut on hacking computers in Fallout 3, since some people seem utterly hopeless at it. If you're decent at all at hacking, watching this is probably a waste of your time, so don't complain to me if you don't learn anything.
Basic Hacking Strategy:
-Quicksave before attempting to hack any terminal, but especially critical ones (ones needed for optional objectives and such)
-Pick a word with a common suffix first. For example, -ing, -ion, -es, -ed, etc.
-If the number of letters in the ending is equal to the number correct, look primarily at other options with that ending.
-If the number correct is greater than the number of letters in the ending, match the ending & however many other letters were correct.
-Aside from guessing the correct password on your first try, the next best thing is guessing one that is completely wrong (0 correct). Most of the options will have at least one commonality with the rest.
-Don't be afraid to use your fourth guess. If you quicksaved first, then you can always quickload. Besides, most terminals guard items of negligible value, that can just as easily be found somewhere else.

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