AFE Pro Dry S Performance Air Filter Installation


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Today we are going to review and install part number AFE31-10016 from AFE. What this is, is their Pro Dry performance air filter. What this filter is designed to do is replace your existing factory style filter and this one actually will stay in your vehicle and can last as long as the life of the vehicle too. This air filter provides a little bit of everything with it. It provides better protection than a standard air filter, a little more performance than a regular air filter, and as convenience you do not have to go out and buy a new one. You can easily clean this and put it back in. This air filter will provide a 99.2 percent filtration efficiency rate made possible with two oil free synthetic layers and two oil free cotton layers. The outside frame of your filter is constructed of polyurethane composition. This also is made in the United States which is always good. This does come with two years limited warranty. 00:49

I have got our air filter and it is a brand new unit but in case this was like a year old or so and you wanted to clean it up a little bit because it got dirty of course the first thing you can do is shake it out. Just tap it, and with that you will get back up to 85 percent efficiency. Then after that if you want to get it even more clean you can use a vacuum and brush you should get up to 96 percent efficiency. Finally if you want to restore it to its original factory form you can actually wash this filter in light soap and water. Kind of rinse it and wash it through and allow it to dry in a couple of hours. Then you can reinstall it in your vehicle. 01:22

Enough of that, lets install it in our Volkswagen. All we are going to do is just remove the top of the air box and take out the old filter and reinstall the AFE filter. There are a couple of screws we have to undo. Then kind of push down on this side so you can get it unlatched right here. There are four of these latches. Just pick it up a little bit and you can see the factory filter. Then we will just reinstall the new one. You can see it fits right into the air box and just put the lid back on and it is very simple. In a few minutes we have changed our filter. There you have it for the Pro Dry S filter from AFE part number AFE31-10016.

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