Trailer Hitch Installation - 2007 Saturn Vue

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*******www.etrailer****/tv-hitch-install-2007-saturn-vue.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer t...
*******www.etrailer****/tv-hitch-install-2007-saturn-vue.aspx Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information. Today on this 2007 Saturn Vue we are going to be installing Curt hitch part number 13591. Starting at the center of the vehicle at the bottom of the bumper you can see right here in the middle we have got two square holes. Those are going to provide our two attaching points for our trailer hitch. If we move to the outside of the frame nearest the bumper you can see we have got two weld nuts on top of each other. Those are going to provide the two attaching points to the frame of the vehicle and that is going to be the same on both the driver and passenger sides. 00:27 Looking at the weld nuts on the side of the frame you can see we have got some corrosion and rust built up in there. So before we attempt to put the hitch up we want to make sure we thoroughly clean these out. To do that we are going to take a spray lubricant like a WD-40 and we just want to take a wire brush and run that into the weld nut. What that is going to do is help to loosen up that rust and debris that is built up in there. That is going to make threading our bolts in much easier. With the weld nuts thoroughly cleaned out we can go back to the middle of the vehicle where we have our square holes and we are going to fish our carriage bolts and blocks into position. 01:00 Inside the bumper structure we are going to be placing the 1-1/ 2 by two inch block along with the 1/ 2 inch carriage bolt. I do want to note that the spacer block, you can see has an off set to it. The hole is not punched directly in the center. That is because our hole is off set a little bit too towards the front of the vehicle. We want to try to get the block to lay inside the frame like so. If it happens to get rotated it might not sit properly over the hole in the bottom of the bumper. To get it the side of the frame we are going to be using the bolt leader that is provided with the installation kit. What we want to do is take the threaded end of the bolt leader and thread it into one of the holes. I am going to start over on the driver side and take and feed that all the way through. Lets start with a block and slide it on with a bolt leader. Then take next the carriage bolt. What we will do is thread the carriage bolt on to the threads of the bolt leader. Then we will just take the other end of the bolt leader and pull those two inside the bumper structure and down into position. 02:00 I do not think we need to fully come to the end of the receiver tube, we really just need right about to the pin hole. What I am going to do is just take a marker and just kind of outline the receiver tube here. Then you want to take the hitch down and cut that section out. Now tighten it up just enough to get it flush with the bottom of the bumper. We do not want to fully tighten it at this point until we get all our bolts put in. Next we will come over here on the side of the frame and start our 12 millimeter bolts in the weld nuts. With all the bolts in place you can start torquing them down. You want to check with the directions to verify the appropriate torque rating for each individual bolt. And now that our hitch is installed we can get some final dimensions. From the top of the receiver tube to the ground is 15-1/ 4 inches. And from the center of the pin hole to the back of the bumper is 5-1/ 2 inches. And with the bolts torqued down that will conclude the installation of Valley hitch part number V82540 on a 2007 Saturn Vue.