UPDATE- Create Your Own 10th Prestige Lobby (New ModBox V4.0)...


Uploaded on November 24, 2010 by WallZachary7112

Download Link File: http://euploadyes.com/SophiZapka596676/Prestige
*UPDATE* alot of people have been saying they cant get there's to work well i n ow have the second bit for you which it says to download once you click patch :) just scroll down :)

I now have the link :) ignore the watermark one its just to stop people nicking my video :)

this is the new modbox version 4.0 free to download here. You want to know whats new ? well it is 20% faster better GUI new mods e.g. super jump mod and money mod and also is now compatible on all consoles well xbox 360 playstation 3 and PC so it does not matter what console you have as it is now more accessible. It also has a built inn stealth mode which makes it a lot lot harder to detect.

If you are new to the modbox program it is basically a program which allows you to host 10th prestige lobbies for free without a JTAG saving you about $300 or £200 as JTAGS are expensive along with key vaults to stop you getting banned.

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