Cabinet Office Downing Street Billion Dollar Tax Evasion Files


Uploaded on November 24, 2010 by CarrollTrust

Shocking new revelations now unfolding in British and American media reports on one of the largest ever ongoing white collar organised crime tax fraud operations in modern economic history has revealed that 10 Downing Street Cabinet Office high level aides close to Prime Minister David Cameron are deeply embroiled in the Carroll Foundation Charitable Trust one billion dollars case. It has emerged these latest revelations that extracts of the Carroll Trust Cabinet Office case dossiers are thought to have been leaked to investigative journalists following this major national security public interests case which stretches the globe. Political commentators have remarked that the dossiers disclose a "shocking trail" of criminal subversive "cover-up" attempts "linked to co-ordinated" dangerous obstruction offences which are thought to be exasperating the primary victims who are the subject of close protection arrangements following horrific weapons attacks and ongoing threats to kill compounded by a complete refusal by the Metropolitan Police to provide assistance.

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