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Uploaded on November 25, 2010 by Lambsondra8787

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This is the Official PS3, Xbox360, & PC Aimbot Package by NextGenGaming. This was made for June 2010 & Works online for every system. You don't need to bypass any patches or have any modded systems. Just copy this file to the system you want it for and enjoy Pwning Noobs Online! For info on how to install it on your system go to our blogsite
ver 1 Million Downloads, Over 1 Million People Got 10th Prestige in 1 day. How you ask? Easy they was one of the lucky people that got the Modern Warfare 2 Aimbot which features amazing things like Aimbot, God mode, No-Recoil on weapons, Super Jump, Unlimited Health & Ammo, Super Sprint, All Guns, and more. You can still download it for PS3, Xbox360, and PC Free. It will never cost money and will we always add new features to it!

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