Gym Jones - Captain in 300 Film

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Uploaded on May 30, 2007 by Stalcon

Vincent Regan was the actor alongside Gerard Butler's character of King Leonidas, he was the captain. While being at Gym Jones this guy underwent huge changes..he losst over 40 pounds of fat..and ladies and gentlemen this just proves that anyone gan get a great body without drugs, just a good diet and very hard work!..TO SEE HIS COMPLETE WEIGHT LOSS FROM WHEN HE WENT TO GYM JONES UPTO THE STAGE WHEN HE WAS ALL LEAN AND MUSCLY, VISIT THE GYM JONES WEBSITE AND DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO NAMED 'THE CAPITAN'..HE JUST PROVED TO ALL OF US THAT ANYONE CAN HAVE THE BODY THEY ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR. GOOD LUCK.

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