Brain Training For Defeating Procrastination Part 05 of 06


Uploaded on November 29, 2010 by dynamicmentalfi... presents Brain Training For Defeating Procrastination - Part 05 of a Six-Part Series. In this video we discuss the strange Procrastination experience of COGNITIVE DISSONANCE! As procrastination unfolds, the experience can seem as though you are a powerless bystander trying to direct the outcome of events not fully under your control, almost like you are the driver in a mechanically unstable car that is wrecklessly weaving back and forth rather than in a straight line, with you unable to steer yourself in a definite, steady, forward direction. You may notice a very real feeling of inner conflict, accompanied by anxiety, stress, worry, fear, negativity, psychological and emotional discomfort. During these times, you have a sense that you should take some form of decisive action, but the momentum of your current condition seems to be carrying you along for the ride in a way that makes you feel impotent to interrupt it in order to change course. The key to escape is to STEP OUT OF THAT PAINFUL MENTAL CYCLE! Here's one approach to doing that! Be sure to check out the other five videos in this totally complete brain training series.

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