Nightclub City Level Hack


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Hey guys :D
This is a tutorial of hacking your level in nightclub city
*The highest level for nightclub city is lvl 40

Things you'll need:
-Cheat engine 5.5 or 5.6
-Web browser (Mozilla Firefox recommended)
-Flash player to load nightclub city

1. Load your nightclub city.
2. Open your cheat engine.
3. Select your browser. (I'm using firefox)
4. Tick HEX, choose ARRAY OF BYTES, and tick ASROM(Also scan read-only memory)
5. Copy and paste this code into the empty box : 0F830F0000008B5DF0 (The code is in the description box)
6. Click "FIRST SCAN" (BTW, my cheat engine is very slow so bear with me pleasee :D
7. When an address comes out, RIGHT CLICK on it and "DISASSEMBLE" it.
8. When a new window pops out, RIGHT CLICK on the highlighted address and choose "REPLACE WITH CODE THAT DOES NOTHING" and click "OK".
9. Go to your nightclub city and wait for a few seconds till you earn money and VOILA! lvl 40! Don't forget to save your game :D
10. Please rate, subscribe & comment thanks :D ♥nicole

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