Virgin Releases Tablet-Only 'Project' Magazine


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Sir Richard Branson, music, airline, and cellphone tycoon, can add another to his long list of endeavors--digital publishing. His iPad magazine, entitled Project, launched this week -- becoming the first tablet-only magazine.

Many are saying the magazine looks like the tablet versions of Wired or GQ with similar content focusing on technology and entertainment. Each issue costs $2.99, and Jeff Bridges graces its very first cover with a look at the upcoming Tron sequel.

Though many in the tech world are excited about Project, it’s the competition that’s making headlines. Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation is expected to launch a tablet-only newspaper -- called The Daily -- in December. Branson tells Bloomberg he’s glad to be first out of the gate.

“Well, I think if you come out as a first mover in a new area and you do it with great panache and style, and great quality, it does give you a big advantage. This is the best quality magazine on the Internet and certainly the best quality magazine on the iPad.”

On Project’s blog though, the writer takes direct jabs at News Corp. The writer implies Murdoch decided to create The Daily after hearing about Virgin’s Project.

“Which, like all Murdoch products, shall doubtless enrich humankind with its impartial political analysis and rolling coverage of shit exploding.”

Aside from the seemingly well-planned launch date, what are experts saying about the magazine? Some say the video intros are a cool idea but still awkward. The cover even confused KCAL’s tech guy.

“You launch this and boy it won’t be in paper form. Jeff Bridges on the cover. It actually seemed like it was broken at first because it does this movement and stuff, but that’s it.”

Mashable wouldn’t agree with Branson’s claim of Project being the best quality tablet magazine. Sure, it looks cool, but it could have better functionality.

“It’s a decent start, but Project will have to push much further in terms of design, functionality and yes, content, to succeed against the established players in the space.”

So, you gonna check out Project? Or are the paper rags good enough for you?

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