Joe Scarborough Rips Sarah Palin in Op-Ed

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MSNBC anchor -- and former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, says if Sarah Palin becomes the Republican Pres...
MSNBC anchor -- and former GOP Congressman Joe Scarborough, says if Sarah Palin becomes the Republican Presidential candidate in 2012 -- the party will have no chance of taking back the presidency. Here’s CNN with a recap. “What he's saying is that Sarah Palin, even though she is the most talked about figure right now in GOP circles when it comes to the 2010 presidential election, she's also unelectable. He also says that republican leaders are privately saying that she could be a disaster in 2012 if she's the nominee and come out and voice their criticism. We haven't heard anything from Sarah Palin.” Scarborough also called Palin a “reality TV star” -- a point which the Tea Party darling calls a mischaracterization. But a blogger for Politics Daily suggests there’s at least some merit to Scarborough’s point. “While I'm not sure Scarborough's classification of Palin's TV show is fair, and while I think the criticism over Palin comparing herself to Reagan was overblown, I do think Scarborough's main thesis -- that Palin may not be ready for prime time -- deserves consideration.” Scarborough defends his comments about Palin on his MSNBC show Morning Joe. “All of your leading conservative figures all when off the record will say all of this about Sarah Palin. But they want ratings, they want book sales so they don’t want to upset the 18% of Americans who like Sarah Palin. I however; remain concerned with actually good governance.” CBS News reports, despite being popular with her fans, most polls show her falling short -- in a head-to-head race against Barack Obama. “A recent Quinnipiac poll shows Palin leading the Republican field of potential 2012 contenders, but indicates that she would trail President Obama badly in a 2012 matchup.” So what do you think? Are Scarborough’s comments of Palin justified?