(New 2011) Call of Duty Black Ops! -Download LINK- FULL ISO!


Uploaded on December 02, 2010 by Knoxjuliet6525

download link: http://edownloadquick.com/QuentKe163/Black
Watch the first ever full multiplayer game of Call of Duty Black Ops.
Black Label Gaming is a gaming community of around 20000 gamers & growing fast. We Boost,Play Legit & have Tournaments. We are among the top gamers in the world, with tons of members at the top of Leaderboards. Our community is completely FREE & we have all sorts of lobbys running to obtain the Ranks you want. We aim to be at the top of the Black Ops Leaderboards & Boast members such as:
BLG Nitro
Black Magic
Aaron is Baws
BLG Apocolipse
BLG Legends
BLG Regulator
And many many more. All renound as being at the top of COD4,WAW & MW2 before the modders over took. So if you too would like to be at the top of the Leaderboards!

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