(New 2011) MW2 COD4 Commentary - My Black Ops Review


Uploaded on December 02, 2010 by Knoxjuliet6525

download link: http://edownloadquick.com/Charmine51/Commentary
Hey guys, internet has been fucked for ages, but now we shall start the regular flow of vids! :) if you want to see some challenge lobby gameplay on the PS3 with the guys name who hosts them, then just let me know by liking the video or commenting.

Gameplay Needed:
-Good quality gameplay, dazzle preferred as cant handle HD (hd pvr) content! good quality dazzle as well
-Exciting gameplay - NO CAMPING!!! or OMA NOOB TUBES PLEASE!!! send something in that you would like to watch :)
-Upload your rendered gameplay to zshare.net ONLY so i can preview the video before downloading - send the download link to me in a personal message!

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